Make CNC Machining Easy with WoodPiecesDesigner


Working in an interesting project with a friend, we named it Wood Piece Designer. It’s a web application to design and generate the machine instructions used in numerical control machine tools (CNC) in the wood industry.

With traditional industry tools, Carpenters have to spend a lot of time and effort creating mechanizations for CNC machines. This web application makes this process more efficient and less time-consuming, allowing them to design and generate, reuse and share high-quality mechanizations in an easy, fast, intuitive and secure way. With our app, carpenters can now work faster and smarter than ever without ever loosing a file!

In the technical side, the frontend is made in NuxtJs with Buefy for the UI components styles, and 2d and 3d visualizations is using ThreeJS. In the backend we are using Supabase. We are deploying it to an S3 bucket through Github Actions and serving it through AWS Cloud Front distribution.

Whe have 10 (and counting) different ready made mechanizations and 3 languages so far in the app (English, Spanish, Portuguese).

Check it out at